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Dear citizens, 
The UCI Route Paracycling World Championships will take place in your neighbourhood from August 10th to 14th. Your daily routine maybe be disturbed in order to allow athletes from forty different countries to compete!

Some of these athletes have an incredible story to tell. A lot of them made it through major accidents and had many months of rehabilitation ahead of them to get to the point where they are today. They have shown resilience and now wish to reach new goals. They deserve to have a chance to do so and Baie-Comeau is proud to offer them this opportunity. 

This major event will have a positive impact on Baie-Comeau, the North Coast region and the Province of Quebec, namely:
•    4 million dollars in revenues for Baie-Comeau;
•    Job creation;
•    Over 200 volunteers involved into putting together the best event possible;
•    The 5th edition of the Défi Vélo Manicouagan;
•    The 5th edition of the Randonnée Familiale to get the families moving

Come join us from within the organisation to enjoy a closer look at the show! Here’s what we mean by that: become a volunteer, put together a ‘’Tail Gate Party’’ in your yard, come cheer the athetes on at the main site (Serge-Bouchard Highschool) or even at the Cathedral’s hill for an impressive view of the race.  

NEW: You will be able to watch the action live on the Internet. Tailormade content will be brought to you to closely follow the races and inside stories from the World Championships’ event will be shared on this platform. People on the sidelines will be able to listen to commentors by accessing a weblink which will contribute to maximize the enjoyment of the Championships!

ManicAction Team

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