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Darren Hicks

Darren Hicks (Picture: Australia Cycling)

Darren Hicks’ life took a dramatic turn in August 2014 when he lost control of his garbage truck in the Adelaide region in Australia, killing two people. Criminal charges were pressed against him.

In the end, the police investigation demonstrated that the loss of control was due to a brake malfunction. The charges were dismissed but Mr. Hicks remained severely injured in the accident, doctors having to amputate his right leg up to the knee, shortly after. After going through rehab, Darren Hicks found paracycling.

During his first international competition in 2017, the Australian got two silver medals at the Route Paracycling World Championships in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa in both the C2 time trial race and the route race. During the last paralympics games held in Tokyo last September, Darren Hicks got a gold medal in the C2 time trial race.

This reigning paralympic champion will be competing in the next Route Paracycling World Champions in Baie-Comeau next August.

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