Restaurant and catering services will be made available all week to the teams within the athletes’ village situated on main site. This year, main site was redesigned to establish the athletes’ village within a highschool, providing access to secured premises and a cafeteria.

This meal option includes seven (7) lunches and seven (7) dinners from August 7th (evening) to 11th. A choice of three (3) menus will be offered at each meal. Also, the choices will be different for lunch and dinner of the same day. A varied, balanced, tasty and healthy menu meeting the requirements issued by the UCI will be concocted for you every day! This year, we added a salad bar and a pasta bar available at each meal. Sauces will always be served on the side to allow the athletes to control their food intake.   Meal tickets will be handed over at your arrival on the site.

* A list of restaurants in Baie-Comeau will be available at the registration.