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Serge Paré

Download the technical guide to know everything about your stay in Baie-Comeau.

  • Translator services
    In Québec, the first spoken language is French but restaurant and hotel services are generally also offered in English. To accommodate teams that might not be able to communicate in neither of the two official languages, the Organizing Committee will offer translator services if requested on time and if resources are available.

  • Medical assistance 24/7

  • Shuttle service (Hotel – Main Site)

  • Locker rooms (with adapted showers) and mechanical room on main site

  • Photographer

  • Meet and greet with the citizens

  • Practice day on the circuit

  • Restaurant and snack services

  • Accommodation logistics

  • Round trip transportation Montreal/Baie-Comeau (including equipment)

Teams will be able to board buses from the Montreal airport all the way to Baie-Comeau. Moreover, this option offers safe transportation for your equipment. Indeed, a trailer truck will leave Montreal at the same time as the buses in accordance with a preestablished schedule that will be shared with you shortly. 

Your equipment will be stored on main site in locked premises. The price also includes the return trip to Montreal for yourself and your equipment.

Room reservations need to be made through the Organizing Committee. Also, please take note that not all rooms are wheelchair accessible. Therefore, it is important to contact the Organizing Committee as soon as possible to book your nation’s rooms.

The proposed lodging packages include 6 nights from august 9th to 14th with the option to extend your stay.

As for meals, you will have access to a restaurant service all week, right on the Athletes’ Village site. Please note that the Athletes’ Village is located in a high school where classrooms and a cafeteria will be made available to you all week. 

You will be able to choose from three options for each meal. Moreover, the lunch and dinner options will be different each day. A varied, balanced, tasty, healthy and UCI requirement compliant menu will be offered to you every day! The multiple packages offered by the Organizing Committee describe the different choices you can make. Depending on the chosen package, the meals will be included in whole or in part. The meal-tickets will be given to your at the registration in Baie-Comeau. * You will also receive a list of Baie-Comeau restaurants during registration. 

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